Transmission & Distribution

Electrical transmission is the vital link between power production and power usage. Transmission lines carry electricity at high voltages over long distances from power plants to communities. We have completed multiple 230kV Transmission line projects across Myanmar. Electricity from transmission lines is reduced to lower voltages at substations and distributed to communities. 

With the expertise and knowledge gained from our experience in the power industry, as well as our years of partnerships with reputable global companies, we are proud of our ability to efficiently implement and assist others with substations, transmission and distribution. We ensure equipment and technology used  is reliable and safe though dedicated relationships with our trusted suppliers.

High Voltage & Low Voltage 

  • Outdoor Circuit Breakers
  • Sub-Stations
  • Switchgears and Switchboards

Power Transformers & Distribution Services

  • Transformers
  • Transformer Components
  • Automation Control and Protection