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Supreme BioTech provides Responsible Agro Productivity Solutions, specializing in technical consultation, production and distribution of Agro inputs since 2004. It was established as a limited private company in 2014, (Certificate of Incorporation No. 008233, Yangon).

Supreme BioTech is fully committed to quality and renowned for tailored innovative farming practices for customers’ specific needs and values, ensuring the achievement of highest possible return for our customers while minimizing risk and environmental impacts. We also provide Feasibility Studies, Staff Training, Irrigation and Crop Management services.

Improving Myanmar’s Agriculture

Myanmar, an agricultural based country has been facing many issues that deter a more effective farming environment.

Farmers lacking the technical skills have the tendency to overwhelm the crops with both chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This practice leads to the degradation of land and inefficient harvest.  Crop failures from serious climate change now calls for a more viable climate-smart farming practices and fertilisers.  As financing and transaction costs are high, these farmers already heavy in debt are also resistant to changes both in crop type and farming practices.  Low quality produce and growing of low profitable crops are major determinants of access to export markets.

Supreme BioTech aims to stop these vicious farming cycles by using a three pronged attack.

1. Education

Supreme BioTech strongly believes that education is the key to improving the livelihood of the farmers.

We provide constant technical assistance and support to the farmers both online, through  Facebook group, messaging and Viber,  and in person through farmer meetings and site visits.

Since 2016, we have set up demonstration plots of more than 100 acres for rice, beans and pulses, sesame, vegetables and orchards to further enhance our program. Through this practical means, we are not only able to show the farmers the effectiveness of both organic and non-organic fertilizers but also to inculcate in them that the use of beneficial microbes is not only environmentally friendly but also of great benefit to their soil.

2. Financing

Supreme Biotech aims also to cut down financing costs by providing farmers with credit sales between distributors and lead farmers.  Supreme BioTech also helps increase the farmers’ profit by buying the produce at a higher than market price. We are able to keep this profitable by cutting down on middlemen and selling the product directly to buyers such as export markets. Farmers from Yangon, Bago, Shan, Kayin, Mon, Mandalay, Sagaing and Ayeyarwaddy who are growing rice, corn, pulses, beans and vegetables are our priority. Supreme BioTech gives loans to both male and female farmers. However, due to a good track record, females are given the priority. This is also in line with Supreme BioTech mission to help elevate the women’s living standard and gender equality in Myanmar.

3. Producing Quality Organic Fertilisers

Supreme Biotech also understands that we have to produce a quality product to benefit the farmers. Through constant research, we continue to improve our formula to help increase the crops’ yield and quality.  Our product range varied from Bio Organic Compost Fertilizer, Imported Liquid Bio Organic Fertilizer, Organic Liquid Fertilizers, fully water-soluble chemical foliar fertilizers, Organic Botanical pesticides, Microbial Insecticides, Microbial fungicides and soil testing equipment and kits to name a few.

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