Manager (Land Acquisition)

Job Description
  • Transmission Line (T/L): Responsible for acting as the company representative in all Right Of Way (ROW) processes of T/L, such as measuring and defining fairway & tower locations, land type and ownership registration, protecting investors and being involved in setting compensation rate and all approval processes.
  • Power Plant and Resettlement Area: Responsible for all land acquisition processes such as land demarcation, setting compensation rate, land acquisition process, land use approval and land title changing in the power plant project area.
  • Access Road: Assist responsible party in handling land issues and acquisition for access road.
  • Corporate, communicate and convince to all respective level of government authorities to receive our required points and provisions in time and on time regarding with power plant area & resettlement area, T/L ROW and Access road.
  • Build Strong Relationships with targeted departments, officers and offices of regional and union government.
  • Getting up to date Information, procedures set by the government and rules & regulations, and report and consult to management for moving strategically.
  • Set negotiation strategy and successfully practice negotiation with landowners and other stakeholders.
  • Promote and maintain company image, reputation and make sure for receiving continuous supports on project by regional & township level authorities, and local communities in project area & along the transmission routes.
  • Collaborate with MOEE assigned officers for ROW processes, ROW committee in each township and related stakeholders in ROW process of transmission line.
  • Involve in preparing PR & CSR strategy/program and participate in implementation of PR activities and CSR activities together with PR&CSR focal manager.
  • Documentation, reporting, create systematic organizing and maintain of project data and information.
Job Requirements
  • Possess any Bachelor degree.
  • Be able to travel.
  • Have solid experience in dealing with government and ministers is desired.
  • Possess rich knowledge and familiarity with related land laws, land confiscation process, rule and procedure of Myanmar.
  • Have past experience in ROW process of 230kV/ 500kV transmission line and/or land acquisition process to national large projects (SEZ, Port, Highway Road, Hydro Power Project etc).
  • Commutations in English 4 skills and computer literate.
  • Excellent interpersonal skill and negotiation skills.
  • Be able to work under pressure.

Apply by February 15th 2021

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