Kyauk Phyu Combined Cycle Power Plant (135 MW)


The development of the proposed 135 MW Kyauk Phyu Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) is located in Kyauk Phyu, a major township in Rakhine State, Myanmar and is a major infrastructure project in Kyauk Phyu City that is vital to people’s livelihood and industrial development. The implementation of the project will have a positive impact on the development of Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone. The development of Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone is in line with Myanmar’s national interest in revitalizing the western economy and resonates with China’s “the Belt and Road Initiative”.

In order to adapt to the economic development in Kyauk Phyu, optimize the power supply structure, and ensure the reliability and safety of power supply in the district, it is proposed to build a gas-turbine power plant in Kyauk Phyu district of Myanmar. The Project involves the construction and operation of a 135 MW of Power Plant.

In line with the economic development goal of Myanmar, the CCPP Project aims to:
• optimize the electric power supply infrastructure;
• guarantee the diversity of the power supply in Kyauk Phyu District;
• improve the energy infrastructure of Myanmar, particularly the power supply reliability of Kyauk Phyu regional electric grid; and
• Greatly improve the reliability, safety and environmental friendliness of power supply in the region.

Once the Project becomes operational, it will satisfy the electric power demand growth of Kyauk Phyu, which accommodates the largest load centre of the whole Kyauk Phyu District.

As part of our Environmental impact assessment process, we studied potential environmental effects on people, water, air and land. Check out the full Environmental Impact Assessment Report. 


Kyauk Phyu Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Project is being implemented by cooperation between Sinohydro Corporation Ltd. (POWERCHINA) and Supreme Trading Company Limited. The Ministry of Electricity and Energy issued the Notice to Proceed (NTP) on 30th January 2018. Project agreements were finalized between MOEE and Consortium and the Letter of Acknowledgement (LoA) for the Conclusion of Negotiation on PPA was signed on April 28th, 2019 during the Belt and Road Initiative Forum in Beijing.

3D Modeling of of Kyauk Phyu Combine Cycle Power Plant
Kyauk Phyu Combined Cycle Power Plant (135 MW)

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POWERCHINA RESOURCES LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as “PowerChina Resources”) as the professional investment platform of POWERCHINA participated in the Project. This Project is invested by PowerChina Resources and Supreme Trading Company Limited. PowerChina Resources is an important backbone holding subsidiary of Power Construction Corporation of China.

Approved by the State Council of China, Power Construction Corporation of China (POWERCHINA) is a wholly state-owned company set up on September 29, 2011 on the basis of 14 provincial/municipal/regional electric power survey and design, engineering and equipment manufacturing enterprises formerly affiliated to Sinohydro Group Ltd., HydroChina Corporation, State Grid Corporation of China and China Southern Power Grid Company Limited.

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Supreme Trading Company Limited was established in 1990 and has maintained a good cooperative relationship with the local energy and power departments. Its core business is mainly Power Generation, Distribution, Energy Sector Development, Equipment and General Trading, Agricultural Solution, Water Management and Real Estate. The Company has constructed Myanmar’s first 230kV steel pipe pile transmission line.

Signed letter of acknowledgment for conclusion of negotiation on PPA between MOEE and Kyauk Phyu Electric Power Company Limited on 2nd Belt & Road Forum for International Cooperation on 28th April at Beijing.