Joint Ventures

All companies in the Supreme group enjoy unique and longstanding International partnerships, forged through close technical cooperation and joint investment. The Supreme Group is recognised by its partners as a credible and trusted partner in Myanmar. 

We have collaborated and partnered with many key international development partners to form consortiums and joint venture companies. 

Mee Lin Gyaing Integrated Liquefied Natural Gas to Power Project

The Mee Lin Gyaing Integrated Liquefied Natural Gas to Power Project in the Ayeyarwady Region will be the first and largest of the 500-KV transmission lines in Myanmar developed as a private investment then transferred to the government. It will generate 1,390 MW of power, provide significant advance to Myanmar’s engineering sector, develop the country’s infrastructure and economically uplift the community. 

The project involves the construction and operation of: 

  • 1390MW combined cycle power plant,
  • Independent port with water breaker for LNG receiving facility,
  • On land-based Regasification Plant, and
  • 500kV and 230kv transmission lines to Yangon and Ayeyarwady regions.

Kyauk Phyu Electric Power Company Limited 

The Kyauk Phyu 135 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) in Rakhine State, will provide a reliable power supply nationwide, especially to those living in remote areas that are currently without electricity. The project will increase employment opportunities, and boost the Kyauk Phyu Special Economic Zone development.

In line with the economic development goal of Myanmar, the CCPP Project aims to:

  • optimize the electric power supply infrastructure;
  • guarantee the diversity of the power supply in Kyauk Phyu District;
  • improve the energy infrastructure of Myanmar, particularly the power supply reliability of Kyauk Phyu regional electric grid; and
  • improve the reliability, safety and environmental friendliness of power supply in the region.

Kobelco Supreme Water Engineering

Kobelco Supreme Water Engineering is a joint venture company formed with one of the leading water & waste water solution providers from Japan, Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd. (KES). The two companies joined forces and our desire to contribute to environmental protection in Myanmar through deep knowledge, experience and outstanding technical expertise.