Hardwood Plantations

Over the past decades, large areas of natural forest have been destroyed and degraded due to factors such as land clearing and excessive logging, making them unable to serve their environmental functions. With reduced wood harvest, the demand of wood for both domestic consumption and exports is unmet. As such, there is a significant need for hardwood plantations in Myanmar.

To tackle these issues, the Government has created the 2016-2026 Myanmar Reforestation and Rehabilitation Programme, where it aims to restore or reforest on Reserved Forest (RF) and Public Protected Forest (PPF) land. Supreme Biotech’s hardwood plantations are in line with these objectives, setting up forests with Acacia Hybrid, Acacia Mangium, Eucalyptus, Rubber, and Agarwood trees. These plantations are located in Hlegu, Yangon Region, Ngaputaw, Pantanaw, and Pathein in Ayeyarwaddy Region, as well as Kalaw and Nyaungshwe in Shan State.