General Manager (PR and CSR)

Job Description
  • To be in charge of coordination and publicity of the public relations with local government, Authority and communities.
  • Plan and implement the PR Strategy and Communication via PR activities to enhance brand image.
  • Maintain good public relations coordination, and publicize the Project Company.
  • Participate in the company’s major emergency response and aftermath treatment, and be responsible for crisis public relations.
  • Plan and handle media relations for the company (umbrella entity), business related matters and Group associated Charities/Trusts.
  • Submit all necessary items to the local government for review and effectively convince for approval during the development and construction period of the Project
  • Handle compensation of land expropriation to relevant parties in the development and construction stage of the Project.
  • Provide ESIA work and CSR that satisfies the local government during development and construction period of the Project.
  • Monitor and analyse PR results on a monthly and quarterly basis.
  • Lead/take initiatives for developing and standardizing work process and systems.
  • Improve team work, and the leadership abilities of team members.
  • Monitor and analyses PR results on a monthly and quarterly basis.
Job Requirements
  • Possess a degree of Public Relations and any degree.
  • Minimum 7~10 Years’ experience in manager Level with PR and business development working experience in any industry and above 5 years in management level is a must.
  • Proven track record of PR and Business development business background.
  • Experience in making high level presentations to A+ level executives.
  • Experience in leading Media press release. 
  • Well understanding of Laws and regulations of Myanmar.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills and excellent verbal/written communication skills.
  • Ability and experience to deal with multiple stakeholders including High Authority of Government Officials.
  • Open to Local/Repatriate

Apply by February 15th 2021

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