General Manager (OCD)

Job Description
  • Provides and/or oversees Chief Administrative Services to all sections within the Power Department. 
  • Responsible for Power supply development and resource scheduling.
  • Responsible for overseeing and providing management review and preparation of financing documents such as bond resolutions and engineering reports. 
  • Presents budgetary requests annually; researches budget needs; compiles budget data; negotiates budget terms
  • Responsible for all consultants necessary to complete Power Department activities
  • Responsible for all system contract negotiations, development and expedition.
  • Negotiates all power supply contracts; expedites contracts; oversees various power related studies; holds responsibility for forecasting power system requirements, loads and resource schedules.
Job Requirements
  • Electrical Power or Electrical Communications degree
  • At least 3 years in Managerial level 
  • More prefer to Electrical Power Generation Background
  • Good knowledge and experience about Project Management
  • Good Interpersonal and Managerial skills
  • Good Knowledge and application of PESTEL in Electrical Power Industry

Apply by September 21st 2020

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