General Manager (Naypyitaw Branch Office)

Job Description
  • Plan and develop communications strategies, programs, work plans, policies and processes to strengthen the company’s reputation and other related impact.
  • Build and maintain collaborative relationships with government officials, government staff and community stakeholders.
  • Train, coach, and support managers to navigate evaluation, training, promotion, discipline, termination, and other HR issues.
  • Design and implement an enhanced performance management system for employee evaluation
  • Define and oversee implementation of company policies and performance standards.
  • Manage administrative budgets.
  • Plan and monitor operating expenses.
  • Update and upgrade related support on business and operation performance.
  • Support in arranging seminars, workshops, meetings and conferences based on organization needs.
  • Recommend and develop employee relations practices to foster a positive employer-employee relationship
  • Reinforce the company culture, policies, rules, and procedures to ensure employee’s safety, continuous learning environment, etc.,
  • Process documentation and prepare reports relating to departmental duties.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned to support overall organization and employee development initiatives.
Job Requirements
  • At least Bachelor’s degree.
  • Ability to travel and stay in Branch Office as needed.
  • 8+ years of administrative experience working in real estate development, power generation or similar industry.
  • 1+ years of experience working as a Senior Manager or General Manager role.
  • Excellent people management skills, communication skills and ability to develop interpersonal relationships with employees at all company levels
  • Full understanding of admin functions and best practices
  • Highly computer literate with capability in email, MS Office and related business and communication tools.
  • Proficient in English (4 Skills)

Apply by February 15th 2021

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