Fertiliser Distribution

Supreme BioTech is not only concerned for its own business success;  partners, customers and other stakeholders are part of the value chain. Ensuring these parties benefit from business activity in the same way as the Supreme BioTech is in the interests of the company.

Supreme BioTech has 260 Dealers/Distributors  in 11 states and divisions. Our product range varies from Bio Organic Compost Fertilizer, Imported Liquid Bio Organic Fertilizer, Organic Liquid Fertilizers, fully water-soluble chemical foliar fertilizers, Organic Botanical pesticides, Microbial Insecticides, Microbial fungicides and soil testing equipment and kits to name a few. We also provide direct sales to over 200 farmers through Thingaha customer loyalty program. 

We have successfully distributed over 40,000 megatons of organic fertilizers within 10 years and are working with farmers to reduce the use of chemicals across Myanmar. 

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