World Class Partners

Some of Our World Class Strategic Partners

         APR ENERGY

One of World Top Fast-Track Power Generation Company, ALSTOM Power Rentals division from ALSTOM Power. Campion and Anderson continued to operate with a licensing agreement under the ALSTOM brand until June 2008, when it was rebranded as APR Energy. In June of 2011, Horizon Acquisition Company acquired APR Energy, subsequently changing its name to APR Energy, plc, and in September 2011 re-listed the new entity on the London Stock Exchange. Featuring the dual-fuel GE TM2500+™, APR can install and commission a power plant within days or weeks-often within 30 days or less with COD up to 400MW and supplied major equipment for 25% of the worldwide existing power plants. The company also provides a variety of services, including product retrofitting for nuclear and fossil steam turbines and refurbishment of existing power plants, maintenance as well as servicing under long-term agreements for Alstom, GE and Siemens gas turbines.


         Mekorot Israel Natural Water Co.,

Mekorot is one of the world’s most technologically advanced water companies.
Seventy years of innovation in the face of Israel’s significant environmental and security challenges have made Mekorot a world leader in desalination, water reclamation, water project engineering, water safety and water quality.
Through continual research, experimentation and field innovation, Mekorot provides a steady flow of clean water to a rapidly growing population despite the region’s limited freshwater resources, arid climate and difficult geopolitical realities. Mekorot is the national water company of Israel and the country’s top agency for water management. In 2006, Mekorot’s turnover was over $700 million, shareholders’ equity was $500 million and total assets were in excess of $2.8 billion.
Mekorot’s uniqueness as a water utility lies in its unparalleled experience, know-how, technologies and innovative processes for the management, operation and treatment of all types of water resources, whether surface water, underground water, brackish water, seawater or effluents.



Sinohydro Corporation

[Exclusive Partner for Transmission (Loan Payment) & Some Hydro Projects]
Established in 1950s.
Chinese dominant leader in Water Conservancy, Hydro Power industry & Transmission Projects. USD 589 million registered capital & USD 10,300 million total assets
18 subsidiaries, 10 holding companies & 47 overseas branch companies and representative offices
Ranked No. 3rd in Chinese International Contractors
Ranked No. 50th in the ENR top 225 international Contractors
Turn Over : USD 8,530 Million



Daewoo International

Daewoo International Corporation emerged as a company dedicated to international trading and investment when             the international trading and construction sector of Daewoo Corporation was spun off into three (3) companies : Daewoo           International Corporation, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Company Limited and Daewoo Corporation. Since the             completion of workout on Dec.27, 2003, Daewoo International Corporation has been growing and finally became one of      the POSCO Family Members in October, 2010. Through this chance, Daewoo International Corporation will fulfill the           vision of becoming a “World Top Class Trader, Investor, Developer”.

Daewoo International Corporation, which plays a significant role as a driving force for trading and overseas investments      of Korea, is deploying a variety of businesses in diverse areas including international trading, manufacturing, sales, and         resource development with approximately 6,000 customers by collecting and utilizing the optimum information using the             global business networks.



Hyosung Corporation, Korea

(Strategic Partner for Transmission Projects)

Established in 1960. Awarded OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 14001:2004/ KS Q ISO 14001/ 2004, ISO 9001:2000/ KS A   ISO 9001:2001. Capable up to 765kV Power Transformer, 800kV-50kA GIS, 362kV-50kA GCB and 765kV-250 MVA   Shunt Reactor. 110,000 MVA/ year produce. Leading corporation, Hyosung who is a developer of 765kV UHV   Transformer as sixth developer of the world and first developer of world level, for 362kV GIS. Gained certificate from   KEMA T&D Testing Services, Holland and KERIC (Korea Electro Technology Research Institute. 20% of Transformer   market share in USA. Market leader of GIS and Transformer in India. First supply of 750kV GIS to China. Market   leader of GIS turn key projects in Asia. Gained over 200 Starling Pound worth project in England for Transformer and   shunt reactor. Quality relied on Hyosung Transformer and shunt reactor in German, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark,   Spain and almost all of European countries. Reach world top brand together with ABB, Areva and Siemens.


TOSHIBA – TTDA Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems

[Strategic Partner for Transmission projects]

Established in 1875. It is one of the top and world level reliable companies. (227) Subsidiaries Companies in Japan and (315) Subsidiaries Companies in the world. Total Assets USD 58.60 Billion and Turn Over USD 68.60 Billion. Milestone recorded in the Fortune Global 500, 2009 as electronics & electrical equipment manufacturer.


P.T. Wagner, Indonesia (Steel Bridges & Steel Solutions)

[Exclusive Partner for Bridges]

Manufacturer and agent for Modular Bridges, Girder Bridges, Arch Bridges, Suspension Bridges, Cable Stayed             Bridges, Emergency Panel Bridges, Communication Towers, Industrial Steel Structure. Corporation/ Limited Liability           Company and annual sales volume US$ 10 Million – US$ 50 Million. Export percentage around 60%. Certified ISO    9001:2008 and others. Main markets are Southeast Asia and Middle East.


State Grid Corporation of China

SGCC was founded on Dec. 29th, 2002 as a pilot state-owned corporation by the State Council. As a backbone state-owned enterprise that may affect national energy safety and economic lifelines, SGCC’s core business is to build and operate power grids and provides secure and reliable power supply for the development of the society. With a registered capital of RMB 200 billion yuan and service area covering 26 provinces,autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the jurisdiction of the Central Government which equals to 88% of the national territory. SGCC carries out the president responsibility system. The president is the legal corporate representative of SGCC.

By the end of 2005, SGCC accumulated a total asset of RMB1176.7 billion yuan with a debt-asset ratio of 61.96%, and possessed 195,899 km of 220kV and above transmission lines with a transforming capacity up to 616.64 GVA. SGCC has 1.502 million employees and serves 128 million customers.

In 2005, SGCC sold electric power up to 1464.6 TWh and achieved an operation income of RMB 721.4 billion yuan with a net profit of RMB14.4 billion yuan profit & tax of RMB 60.4 billion yuan. SGCC was ranked the 40th in the Fortune Global 500 in 2005.