Supreme Bio-Tech

Responsible Agro Productivity Solutions



SUPREME Bio-Tech specializes in technical consultation, production, and distribution of Agro bio-products. Supreme Bio-Tech is fully committed to quality and innovative farming practices for
customers’ specific needs and values. Our company focuses on achieving the highest possible returns
for our customers, while minimizing risks and negative environmental impacts.


Agribusiness activities of Supreme Group started in 2001 with the Organic Farming on a Sesame Project with Onizaki Corporation. As agriculture is Myanmar’s main industry, accounting for more than 60 percent of its GDP, Supreme Group has expanded its agriculture operations to meet the country’s growing demand. To fill this demand, Supreme Bio -Tech was founded in 2004 to specialize and focus on agri-business activities of Supreme Group. Supreme Bio-Tech has successfully cooperated with world-leading, agriculture-focused companies such as: Netafirm (Israel) drip irrigation systems, Haifa Chemicals (Israel), Rotem Amfert Negev (Isra el), and Kinkurushi Corporation on a number of projects.


Australian Bio-Organic Fertilizer technology  was transferred to Supreme Group in 2003. After outstanding initial results, Supreme Group commenced with commercial production under foreign technicians’ supervision in 2004. In 2006, Supreme Bio-Tech introduced Bio Organic Liquid Fertilize,r ‘Bio-Top’ from Malaysia and ‘Super-K’ from Israel. Supreme Bio-Tech began exporting its products to South Korea in 2012.


Bio Supreme Organic Fertilizer is produced by locally available wild and natural vegetation. This includes all-natural, raw materials such as: wild red rice (Oryza Rufipogon), Swampy Morning Glory (Ipomoea Aquatica), Rostrata (Sesbania-Rostrata), Reed (Phragmites Australis), straw, coarse rice bran, burnt paddy husk (Oryza Sativa), river grass, paddy husk, and bean waste. All of the ingredients are clean, free of toxic wastes, and heavy metals. Products are produced with Australian Bio Composting Technology and are within the guidelines of Australian Standard AS4454:2012. Biosupreme Organic Fertilizer is a Responsible Care (JETRO) certified product.